Jordan Bryan

The multirank likelihood and cyclically monotone Monte Carlo

New joint work with Peter Hoff and Jonathan Niles-Weed is out today. Find the abstract below and read more on Abstract: Many analyses of multivariate data are focused on evaluating the dependence between two sets of variables, rather than the dependence among individual variables within each set. Canonical correlation analysis (CCA... Read more


«Авиатор» Евгения Водоласкина – это роман о личной памяти и коллективной истории, о том, как они соотносятся друг с другом и в каких местах они расходятся. Несмотря на то, что роман называется «Авиатор», образ авиатор – лишь один из нескольких важных повторяющих образов в романе. На пример, «Робинсон Крузо», человек на остров как Иннокентий Петр... Read more

Genome-scale screens identify factors regulating tumor cell responses to natural killer cells

Collaborators at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard recently published an article detailing several genome-scale experiments designed to illicit the response of tumor cells to natural killer cells. Find the summary below and read more in Nature Genetics. Summary To systematically define molecular featur... Read more

Feels on Hicks St.

The debut album from Feels on Hicks St. is out on SoundCloud. Info Recorded at Playground Studios, Feels on Hicks St. is a genre-defying eponymous album featuring all-original music. Songs Doctor Doctor comp. Jordan Bryan Moscow Nights arr. Jordan Bryan; original song “Podmoskovnye vechera” In My ... Read more

Likelihood ratio statistics for gene set enrichment in Alzheimer's disease pathways

An original report written with collaborators at Duke’s Department of Neurology was released today. Find the abstract below and read more about this method for computing gene enrichment statistics in Alzheimer’s disease pathways at Alzheimer’s & Dementia. Abstract Introduction The study of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) has revealed biological ... Read more